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Coral Atkinson has had short stories published in New Zealand, Ireland and England. She has won several prizes for her writing, including the NZ Listener/ITAG Internet Fiction Inaugural Award, shared with Wolfgang Kreutzer. (Coral wrote the text of the winning story.) 

She was placed second equal in The Dubliner Short Fiction Award of 2001 for her story “Dublin Bay” and third in the British Moonshine Award of the same year.

She has twice been a finalist in the Irish FISH short-story competition and has been on the shortlist of the Tom Fitzgibbon Award, offered by the New Zealand Children’s Book Foundation for a manuscript of a junior novel. She has also published a number of texts for schools.

... Read Dublin Bay.

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Title page of The Dubliner

The first page of Coral's short story Dublin Bay, as it appeared
in The Dubliner (October 2001).

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