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In the 1980s, Coral gave up teaching to start her own self-publishing business, Cabbage Tree Publications.  She went on to produce resources in English, Social Studies and History, which were widely used in schools.  It was through this work that she later moved into commercial book publishing. For the next ten years she worked in a variety of capacities for a number of firms, including Daphne Brasell Associates, an all-female publishing house. Her employment with Daphne Brasell lead her back into teaching, this time as a part-time tutor on the newly established Whitireia Publishing Course, a position she still holds.

I was always deeply interested in publishing. The whole process of making books and getting ideas, out there – whether your own or those of others – fascinates me.  Working in the training of talented people, with a similar enthusiasm, has been very satisfying

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Logo of Cabbage Tree Publications

In the 1980s Coral established
her own educational publishing
imprint, Cabbage Tree Publications. This was the firm's logo,
which was designed by
the painter Peter Ireland.

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